Tour Caserta (12 h)

The Royal Palace of Caserta is a historic mansion belonged to the royal family of the Borbone dynasty of Naples, proclaimed World Heritage UNESCO. The royal palace complex, with its gardens about 2.5 km long, is the largest in Europe. The palace was completed in 1780, resulting in a huge complex of 1200 rooms and 1790 windows, for a total cost of 8,711,000 ducats. On the southern side, the building is 249 meters long, 37.83 high, decorated with twelve columns. The main façade has 26 columns placed between a window and the other. Overall, the palace covers an area of ​​no less than 47,310 feet. In addition to building perimeter rectangular, the palace inside the rectangle, two bodies made of intersecting cross and form four large courtyards of more than 3,800 square feet each.

Casertavecchia (fraction of Caserta), is a medieval town located on the slopes of the mountains Tifatini about 401 meters above sea level and 10 km away to the north-east of Italy. The village of Casertavecchia is the destination of tourist interest by the cathedral, the bell tower, the remains of the castle and the entire village streets that recall the grandeur of a time gone by. The beautiful landscape accessible in many parts of the village, the numerous bars and pizzerias mean that the local residents often go to spend Saturday night in the streets of the village. Folk events such as the return of the Knights in the Village and the Village in September, held annually in the summer, have contributed to the appreciation of the land.

San Leucio is an important part of the municipality of Caserta is known for historical reasons than artistic, located 3.5 km northwest of the city. The name comes from the mountain at the foot of which stands, considered by the population as the site of the hermitage of this saint. A San Leucio is still present the old silk factory which boasted production of silk for the whole of Europe, even today, the thirst for San Leucio can be found in the Vatican, at the Quirinale, in the Oval Office of the White House: flags the latter and those of Buckingham Palace are made with this material.

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